Student Testimonies to Share, Round 3

Here are four more testimonies of the Barefoot Doctors and the work they did the first year home.

Paul Berguam shares,  "We continue to hear exciting testimonies!"

Marangdong Ning Sai, who lives in the far north of Burma, tells of an elderly lady who walked for 1/2 day seeking medical assistance.  The lady was experiencing severe back pain.  Ning Sai shared the love of Christ with the lady and sent her home with a weeks supply of medication.  Sometime later she saw this lady again who said, “My pain is gone!”  Ning Sai is thankful for the donors who provide these medications.

Du Si Heh returned to her home village following the 2018 BFD training.  People from the community and the local church came to her with a variety of medical needs - headaches, back and stomach problems, etc.  She also had requests from students at a nearby Bible school with medical needs.  She feels blessed knowing that God is using her to share His love with so many people.

Mai Lal Em Par says that God has done many great things in her life this past year.  For example, while visiting one of her former students, the girl told Mai that her mother had recently delivered another child.  Mai met the mom and noticed that the newborn had a small lump on his head.  Mai had the opportunity to share the gospel with the family and then asked if she could pray for the infant.  The mother agreed.  She and her friend laid hands on the child and prayed.  Three days later the lump was gone.  Coincidence?

Pung Ram Sann comes from a largely Buddhist community.  Using his medical knowledge, he has helped both Christians and Buddhists.  He notes that the Buddhists are now more open to the gospel.  He says, “I serve the Lord as a humble and simple person.”

God answered my prayer!

Hello, my name is Aungkyaw Oo. I am an evangelist from the Mro tribe from the Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma). I am one of the barefoot doctors returning again to receive more Bible and medical training this year. 
In 2018, I was able to finish one week of Bible, one week of CHE, and five weeks of medical training run by the Frontier Labourers for Christ in Chiang Mai.  Since then, after returning to the Rakhine State, God has opened the door for me in amazing ways to serve the people in my area.

Last year in December, I was on a medical-evangelistic trip to the unreached Mro tribe. The people in my area were blessed to receive medical help and to hear the story of Jesus.

One request the people made was to have something of the story of Jesus that they can see and hear in their own language. I asked the people to pray that God will provide something in the Mro language.

I am so thankful God answered our prayers. This year God provided me a mini-projector donated by Del and Lynne Giddings to show the Jesus Film in the Mro language. I am very happy to receive the mini-projector. God is so good and thanks to the Giddings!

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Four of these projectors were donated to the school which then gave them to the students who needed them most, given their ministry areas.

Student Testimonies to Share, Round 2

We heard four more testimonies today.  The first comes from Nan Kee.  Nan Kee is thankful for his 2018 BFD training.  This past year he encountered a young boy with what he describes as a skin disease that included a rash over all his body.  He wasn’t sure about treatment.  He prayed, cleaned the skin and applied topical medicine to the skin for a week.  The rash persisted so he continued treatment for a second week.  Finally the rash went away.  Nan Kee was thankful!

Aung Kyam Oo encountered a child with severe breathing problems, probably asthma.  The boy’s parents were non-Christian so Aung Kyam Oo asked them if he could pray for the child.  They agreed.  He prayed and gave the child medicine.  Within a couple of days the boy slept through the night.  Aung Kyam Oo is thankful for the way God used him to help this child.

Phong Bur Nin Mang served with an evangelistic/outreach team last April.  In their travels, she met an elderly lady with breathing problems that required the use of oxygen.  She asked the lady if she could pray for her and give her some medication.  The lady agreed.  Within three days the lady was breathing better.  She loves being able to help people both physically and spiritually.

Lar Khin Hla (Rachel) took part in a water festival and Bible seminar that was organized by three churches.  When she arrived she met several people with ongoing headaches.  She suspected that the headaches might be caused by blood pressure issues.  She found that some of the people had high blood pressure while others had low blood pressure.  She remembered her instructors saying drinking lime juice helps reduce high blood pressure while a mixture of salt and sugar in water can improve low blood pressure.  It worked.  She says the BFD school has been a blessing to her.

Student Testimonies to Share, Round 1

In this post we begin sharing brief testimonies from the Barefoot Doctor students and the impact they have had this past year.  These are simple vignettes of the good they do in Jesus' name wherever they live and work in Burma.

Tin San describes working with very poor people with various ailments.  The medicines he has used have proved very helpful.  Often the people respond with tears and gratitude!

Shan Pan Deezi used his training to take care of medical needs at a short-term youth camp.  He has also worked with graduates of the BFD program to minister to people.  God has opened a number of doors for him.

Nan Sar met a non-Christian lady with severe pain in her knee.  She prayed with the lady and then gave her medicine.  After three days the lady was much improved and very thankful.  Before giving patients medicine she prays with them and when possible she shares the gospel.

Tin Hnin Nwe treated a lady with a severe headache.  The lady recovered and asked about the medicine.  Hnin said that it came to her as a blessing from God.  She also talks about holding a Christmas service in a non-Christian village.  An evangelist shared the gospel, she treated villagers needing medical care and then they fed the people.  Between 80 and 90 people attended the service.

Jung Dangshing and Staff Welcome Students Back to the Kalnin Center

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners:.

The barefoot doctors and Abraham, one of our translators, arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand from Myanmar (Burma) on Saturday to continue Bible and medical training. It is so wonderful to see them again.

The students will have one week of Bible training starting from Monday January 14 - 18 with Bible teachers Paul Bergquam and Dan Radke from the US and Simon Percy from the UK getting them ready for more advanced medical training they are about to receive in coming weeks.

What a tremendous joy it was to welcome the students and Bible teachers to the Kalnin Center. The students come from seven different states/divisions and 10 different language groups in Burma. Most of them live in villages with inadequate medical care.

The idea and theme for this ministry is taken directly from Luke 9:6 where Jesus’ disciples were sent out “from village to village preaching the Gospel and healing people everywhere.”  Frontier Labourers for Christ (FLC) now has many Barefoot Doctors scattered around in villages in the most remote parts of Burma and also in some of the towns and cities.

Thank you very much for your prayers,

Bible Instruction Starts in a Few Hours!

From Paul Bergquam, one of this year's Bible instructors:

In just a few hours, the 2019 Bible classes for the Barefoot Doctors will begin. However, as of 9 pm Sunday evening Timothy, one of the translators, and Isaac, a student, had not yet arrived. Join us in praying for their safe arrival.

As you might imagine, we are all excited and a bit anxious as we anticipate starting classes. Please pray for Simon, Paul and Dan, the instructors, that we may communicate God’s truth accurately in the power of God’s Spirit. 

Pray for Abraham and Timothy, the translators, as they translate the lessons from English into Burmese. And pray for the students as they have so recently left their homes and families that their minds and hearts may be open to hearing God’s Word that they may “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

To Him be the glory in all things! 

Also, pray for Jung, the staff and the cooks that we may work together for the glory of God.

May the Lord be with you,

Paul Bergquam 

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Since Paul wrote this Timothy and Isaac have arrived safely. The first day of Bible teaching went very well, ending with a worship time in the evening with Paul Bergquam preaching.

Students Return to School for Year 2!

The Barefoot Doctor students have now returned to The Grove for their second year of classes.  The past year seems to have gone very quickly.  They have been using the medical and teaching skills they learned in 2018, and they are now ready to add to their knowledge and skills.

These students come from many parts of Burma/Myanmar, and it takes a while for some of them even to get to Timothy's house in Tachileik.  Many of them traveled by bus and airplane, as you can see from the pictures.

Over a couple of days last week they gathered at Timothy's house. It must be a lot of work to feed and accommodate so many people in their 2-bedroom house. Timothy and his wife, Nin Sar, are happy, however, to do this (along with help from some of their church people and the students themselves).

On Saturday the 12th the group drove for 5-6 hours from Tachileik to Doi Saket, Thailand which is about 20 minutes northeast of Chiang Mai. They arrived safely about 3 p.m. and immediately got settled into their dormitory rooms in the Jones Building.  Jung Dangshing welcomed them and gave their orientation, then they had their first meal together.

Bible classes will begin Monday morning with teachers Simon Percy, Paul Bergquam, and Dan Radke doing most of the teaching. They are the first of many volunteers who will come to teach our students over the next 8 weeks.  Doctors and nurses will begin arriving early next week.  Abraham and Timothy will be doing the bulk of the translating, and that's a big responsibility.

Please pray for our students and their teachers, as well as the FLC staff who is translating and taking care of everyone.  Please continue to come back to the blog as often as you can, so you can receive updates.