Barefoot Doctor Invited to Teach at a Medical Conference in Myanmar

Jung Dangshing, Executive Director of Frontier Labourers for Christ, shared the following news this week:

This year FLC was given an opportunity for a Barefoot Doctor to participate at a conference at Hiangzing Church, near Kalay City, Myanmar, put on by the Siyin Baptist Association by teaching a couple of health lessons. Here is a photo of the conference presenters.

The conference was held March 11th-15th, 2019. Mai Lal Em Par, one of our Barefoot Doctors, volunteered as the CHE facilitator sponsored by David Crist, our long time friend and CHE facilitator at the Barefoot Doctors School.

This was the first time that the school received such a request and we are very blessed and proud to send Em Par as a representative for the Barefoot Doctors School.

This final picture shows EmPar meeting with patients.

Thank you for your prayers for the Barefoot Doctors.

Jung Dangshing

Barefoot Doctors Arrive in Tachileik

This is to let you know that the barefoot doctors arrived safely in Tachileik with all their medical supplies. 
The students from the Rachine and Kachin States fly out from Tachileik today March 5th to their next destinations and the rest tomorrow. 

They have been away from home for more than 7 weeks now, and they are so eager to get home to be reunited with their families. 

Please keep them in your prayers continually for safe journey, good health, their families, and their work. Thank you again for your support.

Here are some pictures shared from their trip north from Chiang Mai.

Thank you for your prayers.

Barefoot Doctors Head Home!

The trip home has begun.  It's a 5 or 6 hour drive to Mae Sai where the students will cross the border back into Myanmar.  From there, they will go many directions to get back to their families and their various ministries.

The barefoot doctors loading medical supplies and personal bags into a truck getting ready for the trip back home.

Praying together before leaving.

Taking a group photo before leaving for Burma.

Please keep them all in your prayers.

Final days of Medical Training

As I write this early Friday morning, the medical training at the Kalnin Learning Center has just concluded.  The students had lunch with Dr. Bjorn, Dr. Bruce, and Dr. Susan and then had to say their goodbyes.

Here are a few more teaching moments on the last two days of training.

Dr. Susan teaching how to splint an ankle (above) and reviewing common palpable pulse sites from upper extremities.  This is important to check after placing a splint on an injured limb.

Pictures of medications the students received.

Thank you for your support,

Jung Dangshing
Frontier Labourers for Christ

Medications for Each Barefoot Doctor Going Home

Soon our Barefoot Doctor students will be going home again.  They only have 2 more days of classes this week and the medical training for 2019 will be finished.  It's hard to believe their time at the Kalnin Learning Center has gone so quickly.

One of the biggest things done in preparation for their journey home is to buy the medications they will need to have on hand once they are home again.  Jung Dangshing writes,

Each year we combine the knowledge gained from previous classes and our current student’s patterns of use to create our “formulary” of life saving and improving medications and vitamins. Each student is provided with a starter kit of these medications using funds from generous donors. For example, this year each student received enough Amoxicillin to cure 160 patients with common infections, ranitidine and metronidazole to treat 25 cases of GI ulcer and deworming medication for 200 treatments.  

The students will be heading home on Monday, March 4th.  Thank you for your prayers and support,

Jung Dangshing
Frontier Labourers for Christ

Dr. Bruce's Final Post for 2019

This is another of my Burmese friends.  Meet Issaiah Mayaanlam.   I have watched him over the last 5 weeks. He is the strong and quiet type and it is very apparent that he is a leader, by example.   He isn’t flashy, but he is strong, solid, and unwavering.  He is a pastor of a church in Northern Myanmar, near the Indian border.  

There are 370 families in his village and only 7 families are Christian.   He has 2 children and his wife is due with their 3rd child on May 6th.  There is no electricity in his village.  Nor are there any doctors or a hospital in his village.  The nearest hospital is in Dani, 12 miles away, where his wife will have their baby. 

Their community is in a valley and most people are rice farmers.  There is also a mine near-by.   He had been praying for the last 11 years to have the opportunity to attend the Barefoot Doctor school.  He was finally given the opportunity last year.  He is completing the second year of study with us.

There is much fighting in his region.   There are a lot of land mines and unfortunately, civilians are injured by the land mines all too often.   2 months ago, airplanes dropped bombs quite near his village.  The armies have taken many of the young men from his community and forced them to work in the mines without pay, carry ammunition for the army, and even fight on the front lines.  Many of the young men do not return.

I asked Issaiah how he would want us to pray for him.  He replied, “Pray for a stop to the fighting and pray for our church building project.”  The church has put the building project on hold, waiting for Issaiah to return from the Barefoot Doctor program.  Issaiah is anxious to return and give health care to his village and to continue his work as a pastor. 

Please join me in praying for peace and for revival in his village.  Pray also for the delivery of a strong and healthy baby.

This will be my last blog for this year.  Thank you for praying for our students.  The balance of eternity has been changed for those villagers that our Barefoot Doctors will be treating as patients in the years to come.  We will not know, until we get to heaven, just how large of an impact has been made through this program, but I am confident that our students will make the most of this opportunity to share their faith in a war torn, dark, and spiritually bankrupt country.  

Pray with me that the spirit of God will permeate Myanmar and draw souls into the kingdom.  Let's pray for revival in Myanmar.

Dr. Bruce Gross

Dr. Eddie Teaching Dental Skills

Dentistry Blog from Dr. Bruce...

This year we were so fortunate to have Dr. Thaw Ain Soe ("Eddie" for short) with us to teach dental care. He is from Myanmar and I knew I really liked him when he started each class with prayer.  

He taught basic dental care and oral hygiene, followed by Periodontal disease, and how to handle acute infections of the gums and teeth.  The students learned about descaling the teeth (removal of plaque buildup) with a special de-scaling machine.  

We were able to project images on the big screen TV as he worked on the patients. 

They also learned how to fill a superficial cavity that had not yet eroded through the enamel by hands-on practice using plastic teeth.  The students loved learning dental skills and information.

Thank you for being such a blessing to our students, Eddie.